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Project to Turn Ocean Plastic into Prosthetics

We dump an estimated 28 billion pounds of plastic into the world’s oceans each year. It not only poses a hazard to fish and other animals, but the sheer volume of it is doing damage to entire ecosystems. 

Anacortes Startup Makes Prosthetic Limbs From Ocean Garbage

An Anacortes businessman has found a way to use some of that plastic floating around the world' oceans.

Swinomish Hosts Community Golf Day

Golfers enjoyed a day of free golf at Swinomish Golf Links on July 11, as part of their Community Golf Day, which raised a total of $5,908 for 20 local charities.

UNI grads using ocean waste to make prosthetic limbs for those in need

Chris Moriarity had never known anyone with a prosthetic limb. He didn’t know how to use a 3-D printer...

Couple Takes It Upon Themselves to Turn Ocean Trash into Prosthetic Limbs for Kids That Cost Only $45

Laura and Chris Moriarity have had no expertise in ocean pollution...

Couple Begins Initiative That Turns Ocean Trash Into Prosthetic Limbs For Kids

Despite having zero expertise in ocean pollution or the creation of prosthetic limbs, Laura and Chris...

This Couple Uses Ocean Plastic and a 3D Printer to Make Fully Functional Prosthetic Limbs for $45

Ever been to any beach at any place on earth?. They’re generally relatively sought-after places. 

Meet the iMBA Student Whose Nonprofit Turns Recycled Ocean Plastic into Prosthetics

After honing his business skills in the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois on Coursera, Chris Moriarity...

Transformer Des Dechets Ramasses Sur La Plage En Protheses Medicales

En plus d’être bénéfique pour la santé de l’océan, leurs association Millions Waves Project cumule les bonnes actions...

Anacortes Couple Making Prosthetic Hands Out of Beach Plastic

The Million Waves Project Is a local non-profit from the small northwest town of Anacortes Washington run by Chris Moriarity and Laura Moriarity. 

Manželia vyriešili dva problémy naraz. Z oceánskych odpadkov vyrábajú umelé končatiny

Človek dokáže hocičo, čo si zaumieni. 

Nonprofit turns plastic ocean waste into prosthetics with shredder, 3D printer

Inside an Anacortes home, a 3D printer whirs, drawing thin layers of orange plastic in the shape of the palm of a hand.

Anacortes couple turns ocean plastics into prosthetics

Plastics on our beaches and in our oceans are killing marine life and poisoning the planet. An Anacortes couple is taking that plastic to make some good.

North Sound nonprofit turning sea waste into affordable prosthetics

ANACORTES, Wash. – A local nonprofit organization in the North Sound has found a way to bring prosthetic limbs to children whose families might not otherwise ...

Million Waves Project Gains New Partner In Making 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs From Recycled Plastic

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of Earth Day, which is celebrated...

Nonprofit turns plastic waste into affordable prosthetics

ANACORTES, Wash. – A nonprofit organization near Seattle has found a way to bring prosthetic limbs to children whose families might not otherwise be able to afford ...

These 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Made With Plastic Found on the Beach

It seems there’s a new product or gadget popping up every day now that can be made from recycled ocean waste.

Ocean Plastics Get New Life

(KING) Chris and Laura Moriarty are turning plastic found in the Pacific Ocean into prosthetic hands for people around the world.

Couple turns ocean plastics into prosthetics for needy

ANACORTES, Wash. - A Washington state couple is taking trash they find on local beaches and using it to help people who have lost limbs. 

Couple using plastic trash to make prosthetic limbs

ANACORTES, Wash. – While many cities are taking measures to reduce plastic waste, a couple in Washington took matters into their own hands.

Treasure From Trash: Ocean Plastics Get New Life

(KING) Chris and Laura Moriarty are turning plastic found in the Pacific Ocean into prosthetic hands for people around the world.

Couple launches non-profit that turns trash into prosthetics

(WTHR) – A Washington State couple is giving the world a helping hand. They collect trash on local beaches and use it to build new hands...

Million Waves Project Aims to Turn Ocean Plastic Into Prosthetics for Kids

The goal of the Million Waves Project, which launched on Earth Day, is to turn plastic garbage found...

3D print custom prosthetic limbs for kids from recycled ocean plastic

A Non-profit organization called Million Waves Project (MWP) turns recycled ocean plastic into 3D printed prosthetic hands. 

Non-Profit Turns Recycled Ocean Plastic into 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands

The Million Waves Project launches on Earth Day, giving new life to the ocean and to kids

This couple is turning ocean plastic into prosthetic hands

Chris and Laura Moriarty are turning plastic found in ocean waters into prosthetic hands for people around the world.

Look Outside Dentistry for Hires Who Want to Work

“People just don’t want to work anymore.”

“Millennials are lazy and entitled.”

“I’d like to expand, but there aren’t enough people who want to be hired.”  

Why Patients Budget for New Phones But Not for Dentistry

One of the quickest ways to increase your team’s production is to change how they discuss the cost of treatment with patients. When people feel uncomfortable...

What almost killed Microsoft — and what dentists should learn from it

If you study business at all, you’ve heard Microsoft stories. It’s one of the most successful companies on the planet. 

The Best Dental Card Trick of All Time

Our very own Remin contributor Chris Moriarity wowed the internet with his recent card trick. It is just too good not to share! Enjoy!

The worlds greatest #dental card trick, check it out!

Numbers Don’t Lie….Or Do They?

Three men on a road trip decide to grab a cheap hotel for the night. The price of the room is $30.00.  In the morning, they each pitch in $10.00 ($10.00 X 3 = $30.00) and begin to leave. The manager stops them and explains that he over charged them. 

Complex Terms and Simple Solutions

Let me just start with a simple truth. The universe isn’t conspiring for or against anyone. Successful dentists aren’t part of some chosen sect and struggling offices aren’t hopeless.

5 Questions Every Patient Should Ask Before Getting a Dental Implant

Before you consider dental implants, please do your research. Not all implants or implant doctors are created equal. 

How a $30,000 Ferrari Helps with Case Acceptance

I was recently lecturing to a group of dentists in Chicago.  The topic of the hour was ‘value.’ I despise this word, but almost every doc I speak to believes they can create value...


You Can’t Pay Bills with Branding

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but for many in dentistry, that’s all they’ve got.


Very few people get to truly pull back the curtain on the ...

One Act Play

Dentistry tends to be fairly systematic and lends itself well to scale. If one doc can run three ops, then two can run 6, 3 can run 9 and so on. We can replicate each bundle on into infinity provided we have a few constants that keep up on the way.

3 Shocking Things Dental Offices Still Aren’t Doing

With 2016 on horizon, many offices are looking back on what went well, what didn’t go well, or maybe asking what the hell happened in 2015.

How to Stop Spending Your Sailboat Fund on Your Office Website

Before you read any of this…take 30 seconds and click on this link.




Seatbelts, Metal Spikes and Metrics

Day-to-day my task is simple: find more effective ways for people to grow their businesses. Depending on the client, place and time we often fall into an exaggerated sense of urgency. 

The Controversial Reason You Shouldn’t Treat All Your Patients the Same

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